MetaData? Filtering?

It would be really great if there was metadata or some kind of editable info associated with the images. I am seeing a lot of 2d conversions with lumpy depth that has a lot of artifacts. As a LumePad user with many stereo photos, looking for a community to share 3d photos with others, it can be frustrating when the app is really saturated with 2d conversions and there’s no way to know by icons until you load up the image… Also any info about the kind of camera used, etc… those basics you see at other photo communities, I can’t see anything like that in the android/lume pad app, yeah? You would have to embed it into the title?

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One way that might be able to get around this is find people who are taking photos with a quality 3D camera or Lume Pad 2 and follow them. I don’t think that app gives alerts when people you follow post new content (which would be nice to have).

For now you have to go to their profile page to check if there are any new photos they have posted. Or sift through the explore page images, which contain a mix of both new and old content.

If you follow users, their content will appear in the Home Feed. The algorithm is set up so you can’t miss new content from people you’re Following (which is a huge complaint on other major platforms, which is why we ensured that wouldn’t be the case in LeiaPix).

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