New app for or with h4v

When will we see a new app for with or make h4v modify or so, something new, instead of only updating the existing Red apps and change them to Leia apps?

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Sorry @Chillerfpv I don’t understand the question. Can you phrase that again?

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a new H4V app, not a game, but a app

And what should this app do? Any particular functionality? Or just an app for the sake of a new app?

He is only asking for new H4V Apps, not only updates from existing ones

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I thought the question was raised because there is an app missing for some specific use case, or an idea for an app behind this question.


There are a variety of new Lightfield apps being made, however, most are not being released on LeiaLoft, they’re applications made by businesses or institutions for their specific use-cases. I know that as far as games go, we have releases planned every 1 to 2 months all the way into 2021, but I haven’t heard of Lightfield apps getting made except for @Kano3D’s dice app.

We will have some announcements soon about new plans and products, but there won’t be any non-game apps released for a while.

That said, I’m personally spearheading the conversation internally around a kind of app/sharing platform that many of you have all been asking for, but that won’t be available until Q4 2020 at the absolute earliest.