What is upcoming big update after Jan 2022?

I was looking through previous conversation of various requirement by users.
I hope they are being addressed.

Most response by Leia team are acknowledging and informing they can see changes in upcoming.
I understand Leia team are working hard with priorities.

So many of us here would be excited to know what next upcoming rather than a surprise update.

I personally expect for an 180 SBS viewing Image and video (I own an Insta360 Evo)

Hi @balajis17,

As a startup, our priorities change quickly which is why we can’t always commit to specific timelines.

Because of this, I’m usually apprehensive about even sharing what we’re working on because things change and I don’t want to set anyone’s expectations. Things like the VR Player are one of those things. It’s taken a lot longer to get it done because we’ve had to shift focus to other big features.

It’s still on our roadmap, and we’re planning to add it to LeiaPlayer soon. Until then, you can playback the VR180 files from your Insta360 Evo that you upload to YouTube using LeiaTube.


Knowing human nature, I’d recommend you keep quiet until it’s a done deal!

@WOWITS3D Agreed…except as you can see here and other forums, lots of users will ask incessantly or post their own speculation until they get an answer!

Because of that, I’m more than willing to give our awesome users the honest, absolute best information I have on-hand today. As long as everyone is aware that it might change tomorrow, or the next week, or the month after that.