New bug in LeiaPlayer

To Leia: I just updated LeiaPlayer on my Lume Pad, and I want to report a bug that has apparently been introduced. If I display a photo, touching the screen alternately displays or hides the wide bars at the top and bottom. This is OK, and has not changed. But here is the new (bad) behavior: If I am looking at a photo WITHOUT the top and bottom bars, and I swipe left or right to display another photo, it now displays narrow top and bottom bars which obscure portions of the new photo. To see the full photo, I now have to touch the screen twice, which is incredibly annoying, especially if showing the photos to someone not familiar with the Lume Pad. The user should see the ENTIRE photo every time they swipe.

Note that neither of the two narrow bars is useful when viewing photos. The top narrow bar shows the time and battery percentage, which are barely readable in 4V or ST mode, and hence are entirely useless. The bottom narrow bar displays the triangle, circle, and square icons, which are not needed since they can be summoned at any time in LeiaPlayer, by simply touching the screen.

Please re-read the above carefully, and fix this as soon as possible. Thanks.


Hey @David_in_VA,

Thank you for pointing this out! I just confirmed the bug you mentioned. The status bar and home bar DO appear and persist after swiping.

This is indeed a bug. This will be the first thing I have the team tackle in the new year.

Happy Holidays, and thanks again for letting us know.


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Thank you, @Nima . Do you have a time estimate on fixing this bug? Whenever I show my photos to people, it leaves a bad impression of the Lume Pad.


The new version of LeiaPlayer is less than two weeks from release :grin:

Thank you. That’s good news.