Offering OTT on App Store

I’m exploring creating a web-based OTT that will deliver 4V video. I have a few questions:

Is there a way of delivering streaming video that will trigger the Lume pad’s 4V presentation. Is that done through metadata?

Can I create an app that will essentially open the browser and link to the OTT site? Is there any resource that will provide me the steps to do this?

How would one go about submitting such an app to Leia for listing in their app store?


Hey @DanPersons,

If you want to make a web app that can communicate with the Lume Pad’s DLB backlight to enable Lightfield mode, you should use the Leia WebGL SDK. This alone won’t require submitting anything to the Appstore.

If you wanted to release an app for Lume Pad that opens Chrome to the website you’re building, that might be a possibility, but we only accept native apps that have Lightfield capabilities into the Appstore. We’d probably have to work with you to see what makes sense for users.

Please reach out to if you’d like to explore further.



Thanks. Will look into these.