Possible suggestions for Leia developers: Sharing 3D pics

I’ve been having wonderful time with 4v photos. I have noted however a bottleneck when I want to share with other owners of H1 or Lume Pad my pictures: I think overall it is tricky. If I want to make something public of course it is simple (leiapix is OK). But if I want to send a picture to someone, I have e.g. to send via Whatsapp or Telegram or mail the picture as document to prevent the loss of the metadata needed for 3D, or I have to ask the receiver to locate the file and change the name as _2x1.jpg in case I send an SBS picture; in both cases I have to provide “technical” explanations to my friends (so, in most cases they cannot just click on the picture or send me their with “share”). That’s fine for me and friends (they are all engineers :slightly_smiling_face:) but I think it is a strong limitation when thinking to a more widespread technology. I think there should be a more direct way, I mean like leiapix but not getting the picture public. Unless I’m missing something (I confess I have not played with all possibilities…)

I think a few people, use file sharing services, including cloud storage.
(Examples include: One Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

Although it’s not as convenient as what you’re suggesting, it can streamline workflow, (such as with Adobe,) and save your Data use.

Just throwing it out there, in case it helps you today.

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Yes, but still you have to be sure that there is no compression (not always trivial and for “geek”).
What I mean is that I routinely exchange files, but I have realized that if this was e.g. for old my parents, it would be not possible: even if they use all socials, I would never buy something like that for them for those difficulties, while on the other hand they would enjoy the presence of holochat or of 4V pictures. So I think , in spite of being a technically simple problem, it is really a relevant obstacle toward the broad end-user diffusion of this nice technology.

So, when you send a SBS picture as file the filename doesn’t have the _2x1?

In many cases, doesn’t. E.g if you share directly via WhatsApp, or even when attaching but in telegram. Not to mention when you send via mail: most clients recognize it is a picture a by default will embed it in the text, and/or compress.