Pros/Cons Of Front Back Cameras

I would like to learn more about the benefits of taking pictures with the front and back cameras.

Front has a single 8MP camera plus ToF. The back has two cameras for 13MP. I’ve read how four images (H4V) are created from two cameras so 3D photo/video capture is similar to my H1.

The front camera with ToF confuses me. Front camera for selfies but I’m having trouble understanding the value ToF?

What kind of photo/video is recommended using the front or back cameras?

FYI: I’m neither a creator or business but an end user who enjoys this stuff.



Hello @spencereric,
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A ToF. Sensor on this side of a device, is mostly beneficial for facial recognition.

However, after looking up other possible applications, I have discovered that they can also be used for Augmented Reality Selfie Filters.


A ToF sensor can detect depth for long distances, even 150 meters. I’m confused why Leia put it only on the front and not on the back, which could help a lot to detect depth on far landscapes photos.
Is very difficult to make landscape photos with front camera.