What are the front sensors on the lume pad?

Of the four sensors on the front, only the smallest is the camera. Does anybody know what the others are?

Hey @Shihan,

It’s all listed in the Lume Pad User Manual.

Ah, there’s a TOF sensor to the right of the camera! Ok. Is there anything that makes use of the TOF sensor?

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TOF that’s pretty amazing

3D photos

But if I’m not wrong it is not yet used; I mean selfie is not 3D.

wow, you’re right!
Is non-sense.

Actually I think it makes sense; I mean, Lumepad is something quickly developing, so probably it is not yet used, but it will. After all, for example Leia mentioned that they are developing something somehow similar to Holochat, and this would require a “selfie” 3D camera.