ZTE Voyage 3D Phone?

I can’t find any information about what technology it’s using for the screen, but given ZTE’s track record with the Nubia Pad it might be a Leia panel. Does anyone know?

Doesn’t look like a release outside China is planned which would be a shame.

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I’m not sure, but I would assume it’s using similar or the same technology. ZTE are the OEM for Leia (they manufactured the Lume Pad 2) so it seems they have a close relationship.

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I would assume the same for the same reason. No mention of it anywhere though.

In the Verge article in January they do talk about a new phone…

Leia isn’t revealing much about the phone, only that a major partner will ship the first 3D OLED phone, in Asia, by the end of the year.

But that’s OLED and this ZTE model is an IPS LCD. And why put it in such a low end device?

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The new 3D phone sells for $200 and is in the Chinese market, so using lower end specs makes sense. Most likely they want to sell volume, the $1,000+ phone market is typically only normal in more affluent countries.

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Probably something like that! They do have their Redmagic line of gaming phones which start at $750, but it might be too high risk to put such a niche feature in a flagship device. I’m developing a 3D wallpaper app so I really just want something I can buy in the UK to test with. Hopefully the mystery 3D OLED phone is still on the horizon.

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I’ve imported stuff before, e.g. from eBay, etc. though I’m not sure about cell service.

Yeah I expect I’ll end up importing, but probably hold off until more news of that OLED model comes.

Is anyone from Leia able to chime in with information about phones on the horizon? Is this ZTE one of your displays?

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I bought one, it doesn’t look like Leia’s technology. The 3D display effect is pretty good for this price. The resolution and brightness are much better than the RED Hydrogen One. The main shortcomings are two points. The first point is that when you are in a scene with a complex background, eye tracking will fail. The second point is that the 3D player is very simple and does not have subtitles, speed, channel and other adjustment functions.

我买了一台,看上去应该不是leia的技术。3D显示效果按这个价格来算还不错。分辨率和亮度都远好于 RED Hydrogen One。不足之处主要是两点,第一点是当你处于背景较为复杂的场景中,眼球追踪会失灵。第二点是3D播放器非常简易,没有字幕、倍速、声道等调节功能。


Thanks for the review.